About Us

Hello, My name is Travis Lane Jenkins.

I have been a serial entrepreneur since 1991. My passion is constant growth (personally and professionally). While finding ways to be “in service” to others through profitable businesses that make a positive impact.

I’ve found that this combination of capitalism/making a difference keeps me engaged and excited about what I’m doing each and every day. It also allows me to surround myself with clients and team members that have a similar perspective on life.

I believe that how you do anything is how you do everything. My team and I are far from perfect but we do care. Our objective is to make sure that every client experience is a positive one. And if it is not. We want to know why and how we can improve on it.

This excludes perpetual victims or people that are looking for something for nothing. Each and every business that I’ve built, including the failures along the way, have taught me valuable lessons. I’ve learned (overtime) to focus on attracting and serving the clients that align with our core values of Integrity, Honesty and Hard work. While avoiding all others.

This is why we named the company “High Value Wholesale”. Everything we do is with the mindset of high-value at a wholesale price for this specific business.

If you look online and you’ll find that I own multiple businesses. And with each and every one of those businesses we have a large number of positive reviews from our clients. We have a large number of extremely positive reviews for each business. I point this out because I want it to be clear that everything I do is dedicated to the principles of integrity, hard work and a mindset of service.

All-Tex Home Improvement Services is a construction company.

The Entrepreneurs Radio Show is a podcast dedicated to helping other business owners grow their business.

Rock Star Entrepreneur Network is a mentoring Business dedicated to helping fellow business owners grow a profitable business that creates wealth.

ATX Global is a holding company that holds many of those companies.

Do you have a property that you would like for us to consider acquiring? Or are you looking to purchase one of our properties listed?

Send me an email at support[at]highvaluewholesale.com “attention Travis “.

Or call me at 877-729-5293