Our Business Model

High Value Wholesale, is a Division of ATX Global, LLC

We are a land investment company, specializing in raw, undeveloped and unimproved land.

Our business model is simple, we send out thousands of general letters to landowners, offering to purchase their land, in an effort to find people who are interested possibly selling.

Many people own more than one tract of land, but we only send out one, generalized offer, which is rarely the final amount that is agreed upon for purchase.

Once an owner responds to us, a member of our staff contacts them to collect more details about the land, and to explain our process, to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

Then, we carefully review each plot to confirm ownership with the county, as well as number of additional criteria, such as: back taxes or association dues owed, exact acreage, location, plot access, zoning, floodplain location, title and deed criteria, and any other details that are important before we can make a final offer for the property.

Once an equitable price is agreed upon with the seller, we open the property with a Title Company to ensure them that the appropriate due-diligence has been completed on the property.

Most of our clients are happy to hear from us because they own property that they no longer have a use for, and that they must continue to pay taxes on, or they are at risk of foreclosure for one reason or another. And because we are able to purchase their property with cash, there are no additional listing fees with Realtors or complex financial transactions to deal with.

It is important to note however, that more than 80% of the land that we evaluate does NOT qualify for purchase and is rejected. This means that only a very small percentage of the people we contact end up doing business with us.

We believe that we are serving our community helping to relieve people of land they no longer want and making it available to those who do want property, at wholesale prices, because there is no middleman.

Our business model is 100% legal, ethical and in no way manipulates, cajoles or misrepresents information to potential sellers.